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Southern Patagonia, the spirit of gravel : Cross the Paine mountain range inside the Torres del Paine National Park. Cross the border steppe between Chile and Argentina to Pali Aike National Park, see the wildest Patagonian steppes, visit Porvenir, Chilean capital of Tierra del Fuego Island. Live the history of the “Fuegian Gold Rush”, meet the King Penguins, immerse yourself in the forests where the Selknam natives walked. Climb with your bike the most beautiful switchbacks in the world deep in the island, towards the foot of the imposing Darwin Mountain Range, where it reaches the end of the road, to the absolute south.


Gravel del Fuego numbers:

Total of 1047 kilometers – +8678 m.

April 13th to April 20th, 2024


Get ready for one of the most beautiful races you will ever do in your life in Gravel Racing Format.

252 kilometers in a sprint to live an experience of pedaling for hours contemplating the entire Paine Mountain Range:

The same Torres del Paine, the Almirante Nieto Hill, the Paine Horns and the majestic Paine Grande…see in the distance the end of the Southern Ice Fields with the Grey Glacier, pass through Villa Serrano and return to Puerto Natales, but not before passing through the entrance of the Milodons Cave, an animal of great importance for the history of the area. Turn right and you will go through a gravel road with many steep slopes, to finally join the cement road that takes you directly to the Plaza de Armas of Puerto Natales.

252 km with + 2.666 m and a maximum gradient of 9,3 %.
4 Control Points